Sleeping with Death


I have always been attracted to the sensuous.


Mother does it matter

if he's not a Harvard alumni?


Mother does it matter

if he's synonymous with crucify?


Late last Wednesday afternoon.

Dare I personify?



There is a chemical attraction.

I am magnesium brought to light.


Oh the reaction.
Blinding passion


Consummate, rotate, wait-


Black as night they call him

Dark as the depths of despair.


How generic!

How stereotyped!


They don't know how his arms

envelop mine

lip hot with breath of immortality.


Pin me down with a dagger

and cut out my throat.


Mother try to understand

I want to amplify the blood.


Not to see the dagger before me

To feel the tooth twist within me.


Black as a revolver.

Black as a frying pan.


I am in love with

a starless night.


A void

-an expanse

to glorify.


Pull up my sleeves

I respire.

LiFe out

wilting roses in.


His cologne

-the tears fallen from a samurai sword.


I am sleeping with the king

of the castle

The king of the kingdom

The king of kings.


Mother I am leaving.

There is no God.


Impregnated with his child

I am Virgin Mary



Yet I fear

the world will not welcome

my Christ

with the same enthusiasm.


This is my testimony.
This is my lullaby.


Mother I am leaving with him.